Thursday, 10 November 2011

Colour Schemes....for my new studio

So I am enjoying Pinterest....if you haven't heard of Pinterest it is an on-line pin board; you see something you like and you pin it. You store all your favourite images in one place; you have multiple boards and can store different areas of interest and you can look at other people's boards, and people can look at yours, follow you and so have to request an invitation which takes a little time and then you can join the party. On my Pinterest, which is here paintycait, I have been pinning ideas for the new studio.

The ceiling is so awful

Horrible Ceiling
and I can do nothing about it, so I want to draw attention to the floor and I couldn't decide what to do with it till I started seeing one particular colour scheme that I LOVED and it kept popping up everywhere.

From Harpers Bazaar

Check how that reddy pink pops....all a bit too much of the Teal but hey...then I found this

From Posie Gets Cosy
Isn't it nice and fresh with a bit more white....ooh and pink AND red, who would think that would work
and then I found this one
From Better Homes and Gardens

Oh my so all this white is fabulous....I never thought I would hear myself say that but my walls will stay white and at some point I will paint the ceiling (when my back isn't against the wall) and the floor will be ......Annie Sloan of course 

and the accent colour will be

Emperors's Silk

and what about this for the Annie Sloan Showroom area - what a way to create a colour chart

From The Selvedge Yard