Monday, 29 September 2014

Graining and Marbling Extravaganza

3 Award Winning Teachers in 4 days!!

Painted Faux Portoro and Mahogany
Graining and Marbling are techniques executed in paint that imitate marble and wood. They are almost the foundation skills of the decorative painter. Learning these techniques gives you core abilities in the manipulation of paint that you will continue to use throughout your decorative career.
I have been teaching graining and marbling for a lot of years, in colleges, art schools and private school here in UK and abroad as well as in our own studio.

Class at Lynne Rutter's studio in San Francisco
Graining and marbling can be applied to any surface that you can paint, so make a cheap fireplace into expensive wood or luxurious marble, have marble floors and walls in your gives the decorator the opportunity to really show off and also give the client really high ticket products at a much more reasonable price.
Carrara marbling in a home in St Andrews
Recently we decided we would like to put on a really special class and include some top UK specialists as guest teachers so that the attendee really gets a lot of bang for their buck. 2 classes of 2 days so you can choose to do one or both.

13th and 14th November 2014 - 1 places
Advanced class
15th and 16th November 2014 - 1 places

The first 2 days taught by me (Cait Whitson) is a class that will help beginners get a handle on the techniques and help those that have had experience in traditional oil techniques learn how to use the cutting edge Golden Proceed acrylic products that have been developed in America to meet today's market.You will learn white veined marble, Portoro marble and Sienna marble and then pine, mahogany and walnut. All these will be taught in water based materials.
A montage of some of the water based finishes we have taught in the past

Then we will have the great pleasure of welcoming Jeremy Taylor from Elgin and Roy Makin from Walsall

Jeremy is a traditional painter and decorator with an extensive training and experience in traditional and restoration work. He has a passion for decorative arts and has striven to attain training and projects that reflect this. As well as doing work for Historic Scotland, Jeremy has done work for Architects, Designers and the Scottish Redundant Churches Trust. More recently Jeremy travelled as far as Sweden to develop his skills further by taking a Trompe L'oeil class at Palm Fine Arts, learning architectural elements such as molding profiles and decorative ornaments, this is a wonderful addition to add to graining & marbling and

Roy started as a painter decorator at 17 and went into teaching in the eighties at Walsall College of Art teaching decorating, sign writing, French polishing, furniture restoration and marbling & graining. While at Walsall did some teaching at West Dean School in West Sussex, again teaching Marbling on their yearly summer schools. I was the first winner of the acorn gold award for decorative painting back in the eighties. Started as a self employed decorative painter completing projects  in and around England and France for 20 years, also teaching one to one courses structured around clients needs.


The second 2 day class we will be working extensively with these two wonderful guys. Jeremy will teach oak on the Saturday - this is his absolute speciality. Check his Facebook page and his site meantime here is a little taster

A Jeremy Taylor project in oak

 His other speciality is executing trompe l'oeil mouldings and ornament - this is the art of creating a realistic but fake moulding that is purely executed in paint. Here is a fabulous example
Jeremy Taylor trompe l'oeil moulding and ornament
He will be helping us start our career in trompe l'oiel by teaching a moulding on one of our panels similar to the one he has achieved here

trompe l'oeil

Roy Makin will be delivering a master class in marble - again his speciality. He will deliver a class  on the Saturday afternoon and here's a sneak preview of his work

Arabescato by Roy Makin

This is the panel that Roy will be teaching
Finally I will teach some crotch mahogany. This is also known as feather mahogany. It really needs 3 workings and so we will have a chance to execute the first two stages and then demo the overgraining and all students will go home with materials to complete at are a few examples of this technique.

A recent project after 2 workings

Grained door after 3 workings
Close up

Introduction/refresher class
13th and 14th November 2014 - 1 places
Advanced class
15th and 16th November 2014 - 1 places

Cost - £265 each class - £495 for both

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