Thursday, 10 December 2015

Beautious Baths - Tremendous Tubs!!!

The bathroom has always been a place you could make a statement! It's where you can be a bit crazy or a bit daring but it's also a great place to spend wisely to get the greatest impact. Decorative finishes can be at the expensive end of your decoration budget but they can be used in small doses like on a bath tub to great effect.

Here are a few we have done over the years

Gilded with Alumium Leaf and Patinated
to match light fittings and picture frames in the room
Glitz is easy to use in a bathroom, the bath tub above is obviously to the floor but the one below has feet and the balls of a ball and claw foot are fun to gild. I always long to paint the nails of the claw if they have nail varnish on
This bath was marbled to match the tiles in a travertine finish
Here's a close up

On this bath we used foils and a stencil to create the glamour - it is subtle enough that you have to angle the camera to catch the light before you see it so not "in your face"

This bath is in "The Bathroom Company Perth" showroom.
The stencil is from The Stencil Library
Matching wallpapers and fittings is a common thing for us - here we bridge well between the wallpaper and the floor
Mottled stoney finish with using our Klondike finish - it has a subtle sparkle in there that you can't really see in this shot
Finally a bit of showmanship - if you can't afford a big mural a bath panel is a great place to have a wee one.

A great childrens bathroom with a mural bath panel

Detail of bath panel mural

Detail on the other side