Monday, 24 January 2011

All About Me

Those that know me well, know that I am not really very good at being a girl, certainly not one for spending time on my appearance, but last week I surpassed myself.

At the beginning of the week I had a text from my hairdresser, 1/2 price on cut and colour....well, too good to miss. I have started going to a hairdresser in Auchterarder called Deja This new salon is situated in our old premises and it is really very strange having my hair cut there, but I am delighted that Jade McDonald is making a success of her new business there.

Deja Hair and Beauty

So Wednesday I was cut and coloured and I have short hair and highlights that you can see this time (last time I went so subtle you didn't notice them).

Thursday morning I headed off to Glasgow to see my old pal and occassional painting partner Emma Hardie. Emma and I met 25 years ago at Leonard Pardon's School of Specialist Decoration. After leaving we kept in touch occasionally painting together when either of us needed an extra pair of hands. Emma was always the most positive person I knew. Where I would go to a client on completion of a painting project and wracked with doubt in my ability say "is it alright? I hope you like say if there's anything you aren't sure about", then undercharge and apologise for wanting paid; Emma would bound into the room telling the client "isn't it gorgeous....I just love it, it has transformed your home" she would charge her worth, and bounce out with cheque in hand.
All the time that we were in London, unbeknownst to me Emma was actually very ill with ME and eventually working with paints and toxins, her body become oversensitised to the paint products she had an horrendous physical breakdown and later on her recovery had to think about a total career change.
Never one to do things by halves Emma trained at Champneys in aromatherapy, health and beauty in 1994 and went on to research the factual science behind natural cell healing.
Long story short she got FAMOUS in the beauty world (you have to read Vogue and Cosmo and the like to really know about these things) ....she got famous for being the best of course.

Emma Hardie
She treats the likes of Sophie Dahl, is written up and about all over the press and her own range of products "Emma Hardie Amazing Face" are one of the top selling new ranges at Space NK -Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm was hailed Best Cleanser at the 2010 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in June, she has dvd and she is about to launch on QVC.

On tour to promote her products Emma has been in Scotland offering treatments at Space NK teaching you how to use her products and giving treatments.  We were meeting for lunch and because her schedule was so crippling...and I still had Christmas money to spend, I booked a treatment. Space NK have a promotion where you pay £30 and £25 is redeemable against product.....thus getting my poor damaged and frail skin inspected and treated by a world respected beautician and giving me extra time with my lovely friend.

Emma's very grown up products

Oh goodness.....Em's products are soooooo wonderful. I have had such horrendous problems with my skin and 5 days later and I have no discomfort, the nasty hard carapace-like layer on parts of my face has broken down and is disappearing WOW. I bought her special cloths and her award winning cleanser. While waiting for our lunch I was offered a free make-over by Adele in SpaceNK. My makeup buying process is normally to hover in Boots hoping someone will help me, to try lots of things on the back of my hand (why I'm not sure) and then leave with yet another mascara. Adele just did fantastic things, she gave me a completely natural look and it stayed on my face all day....while I didn't buy anything then and there I will be back, it was a lovely experience and definitely the way to buy makeup...knowing that it will work.

She may be famous my old friend, and fearfuly growed up with products and packaging and photocalls and all but she's still just Em-Pem, bubbly and positive and it was wonderful to see her. I had also forgotten how good it is to spend time with a really positive, determined, entrepreneurial female friend......I miss her!!! She'll be back in Scotland soon so look out for her appearances at Space NK in the future.


  1. Cait, What a wonderful story! I love to hear about follow painting artisans reinventing themselves as they need too. Your friend Emma is a lovely example of how success, joy and happiness are something that exist within our soul and they are allowed to come out when we tap into our creativity....that can be painting, art or helping others through skin care. Success is a state of mind and heart, and the money follows when you realize within yourself just how valuable you are!

    Best wishes to you both!

    Lots of love and thank you for sharing,


  2. Mollie, you about summed Emma up all comes from within and her whole ethos and approach to life is in her products and her treatments...she is very inspiring person.

  3. Do you remember me saying that I had seen a piece on her in one of the Sunday Mags? And how glam and youthful she was looking, well she always was very stylish wasn't she? Glad to hear how well she is. Her positivity is an inspiration in itself, if only we could bottle it, we could call it 'Irrepressible'or'Up' for short

  4. Oh I reckon everyone could do with a dose of Emma...probably on prescription :)