Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Snow Clear, New Year

At LAST the snow has gone. On Monday for the first time I could walk Rosie dog on a surface that I didn't crunch  through or skite on...phew, it really is a joy. We hadn't seen green for 7 weeks. There had been a period of about 3 hours 2 weeks past Tuesday I think it was, when we saw some lawn but the snow snatched it back again


It finally felt like we could start the year,  up till then the snow had almost frozen time. So now to make our New Years Resolutions. My first resolution is to network more; I used to do business networking a lot but l have let it slide. I am a pretty gregarious person but it is all too easy to get stuck in front of the computer screen and pretend that social networking is enough, but there is nothing to beat face to face networking and so time to get out and about. My first networking opportunity is a group called Let's Network Perth that I found on Linked seems very friendly and have been a member of the group for a while so I am excited to finally have committed to going to one of the meetings.
Just as I made my resolution I got an email from my mother with this sweet prayer:
New Year's Prayer

Dear God,
My wish for 2011 is a big, fat bank account and a slim body.
Please don't mix these two up as you did last year.

So my resolution number two is to get back on the this end I was back at Slimming World last night to find I have put on 4 pounds since the snow first impeded my visits to class. Not too bad given that I did not stint in my feeding over the past few weeks

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