Thursday, 27 January 2011

What's Real, What's Painted?

Carte Blanche are  often called on to blend a new piece added to a property into an old existing piece or to blend out damage. A client may want to block up a door and there maybe victorian panelling all around the door that needs to be matched; there may be damaged marble or stone that needs to be repaired but the original marble is no longer mined or a match can't be found or a cupboard door or a bath needs to match to make the room just right
Here are some examples of what Carte Blanche can do:

Travertine tub
Close Up

This bath is really quirky but it works, I loved executing this marble to match the tiles and I was really pleased with the results, the feet were antiqued and gilded and we toned the gold leaf so it matched the brass the fittings.

This next project involved an enormous abount of blending work throughout the whole house. There was a lot of repair and refurbishment that needed blending into the 100 year old existing timber. As you can see here there has been a door blocked up and new timber put in place. We used the timber itself as a basecoat by sealing it and then woodgrained over the top to blend it in with the original and you literally cannot tell what is old and what is new now.

Blocked up door
Blending In

 Here is the project half done, building up the layers

Project Completed

 Here is the kitchen  installed in the same house ...beautifully made by David Thompson for Ken Anderson Designs in Braco. This was to be patinated and blended to match the panelling surrounding it.

Brand New Cabinetry
And here you can see it completed, this is a wonderful way to blend the old with the new in an historic home

Completed Kitchen
The Bathroom Company Perth have asked us on a number of occassions to make certain things blend "disappear". This room set has cabinetry in a fairly distinctive timber and not easy to match so they asked us to woodgrain the countertop and the shelves to match.

A great room-set at The Bathroom Company Perth

These cupboard doors needed to blend in with the tiles, I think we did a good job with these considering they were competed off site  and had no idea where the veins would fall.....sheer luck there!!

Marbled to Match
This shows only a small selection of our capabilities, but it gives you a taste of how we can solve some quite challenging problems with paint. This is why when you have a problem about mending, matching, blending or patching on a project, think about talking to us first.


  1. with everything you do...this is fantastic!!

  2. Oh thank you so much Sherry, I am enjoying the process, but I have such amazing competition out there....there are some fantastic blogs by very talented faux finishers .....kinda daunting

  3. Well I think that you are more than matching them. I too always loved the photos of that bath, you would never know.

  4. I like the cupboard doors better than the tiles!

  5. Thanks Ann, these are great clients and it was fun doing their showroom. I have some other pics of work I did for them matching tiles...need to do a whole second post about matching because we do it often, big challenge but great to do