Saturday, 26 March 2011

If I post it here I will HAVE to do it

OK, so I have another monkey on my back...calling it a monkey makes it sound horrible and it's not, it's a fabulous project but it just seems to be one of those projects that gets stalled at every turn. I won't bore you will all the stupid things that have gone wrong so far but suffice to say if you decide to do an exterior mural and using external ply....make sure it doesn't have any flaws in it BEFORE you start.
So what is the project...well here is the customer's site  -

She had to block up the window to accomodate some internal alterations she had done and it has left a dull area. 
She asked me to come up with ideas of a new window with a view inside that was catching a glance of something you weren't meant to see...a romantic moment.
Like this  -

The wonders of Photoshop!!, I was able to take all the elements that she wanted and combine them in a computer image. The final piece will have the couple painted as if it is was the client and her partner, better start brushing up my porttraiture skills eh?
To give an idea of how it will look -

Nowwww.......all I have to do is bloomin get on with it. With feeling ill all last week it has dragged on and I really want to get my teeth into it. So nag me guys...really nag me. I have tons to do on various different sites this week but I want to be in the studio at night time working away...worse things to work on for sure!

Cait Whitson
Carte Blanche Decorative Painters


  1. Cait-
    You HAVE to do this! Begin NOW!
    It is so cool- when friends walk by and catch this glimpse of the couple, they are just going to grin, then smile, then swoon!!

    I wish I could paint like that with all of my heart. That talent passed me over. Sooo, as you have it, then you can also put my energy into it!

    If you would, please take us on the journey with you.


  2. go buy a big hunk of plywood or signboard and put it right in the middle of your studio. do it today!

  3. The marine ply (of the right quality with no flaws this time) is there cut drilled and primed...the drawing is scaled and ready to roll....
    Ann I think I will have to bring you guys along with this just to make me roll

  4. Can't wait to see this finished. So glad you are blogging Cait and you can share all of this fun with us.
    K x

  5. What an amazing idea. I look forward to seeing the completed work. You are SO versatile!

  6. I adore things like this, it will be fabulous and do it on warm, sunny days!