Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Shabby Chic Class - the Annie Sloan Paint Experience

We had to postpone our recent Shabby Chic painting class because we were worried that the predicted snow would endanger people travelling big distances. Sadly not everyone can make the new date of Sunday the 27th March 2011, so we have some spaces next Sunday. Why not join us - you can buy a class place on any of the classes by going to our on-line shop and buying here SHOP or you can call me and book over the phone - 07771663015
To help you decide whether this class is for you I thought I would let you see what it's all about.

The Shabby Chic Class teaches you how to paint furniture with quick and easy techniques that make the whole process pleasureable and using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint means none of the nasty stripping and sanding that we all hate. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be used over varnish, wax, melamine, old paint, french polish and many other usually difficult to paint surfaces.
We do cover preparation and use of other paints so if you have a can of Farrow and Ball you are desperate to use we will certainly give you all the hints and tips to help you do so.

Shiny Bright and Clean

We start at 10.30 am with a cup of coffee and some introductions  in a clean studio but before long we are grabbing paint brushes and paint and getting messy
Waxing a Sample

Tinting the Decoupage
We produce a series of samples through the day that will help to create fabulous finishes at home. Here are some of the completed finishes


We have a few examples of finished pieces to share and give ideas. We have a library of books for you to browse at lunch time and get ideas from and Gibson and I are on hand to give tips

A few examples and ideas
Lunch is a deli spread of delicious cured meats, cheeses, salads and fruit and fresh bread from our local award winning bakery Sugar and Spice in Auchterarder.

It's often a race against time to get finished for 4.30pm but we usually make it. Then you have a chance to buy paints and waxes, varnishes and brushes. If you have to rush away we now have our online shop so we can ship things to you but if want to save the postage costs allow a little time to pick your paints either at lunchtime or at the end of the day.

Then I just look forward to hearing success stories and receiving pictures of the pretty things you all create. Like Val's projects here that she sent me pictures of this week -

She has done wonderful things since her class and revamped lots of pieces that would have been destined for the dump as well as completing a number of commissions for family and friends. She like so many is a bit addicted to painting now!

So if you would like to turn trash into treasure or personalise some of the pieces that lie in your garage waiting for a new lease of life...even if you would like to start a small business painting pieces of furniture come and join us and learn how!

Cait Whitson
Carte Blanche Decorative Painters


  1. How inspiring! I've been working away on my picture frames (see blog) and am looking forward to tackling some other projects around the house so will probably be in touch to order more paint. It's wonderful stuff and so easy to use - I'm totally hooked!

  2. I would love to do this class, as we salvaged a few pieces from skips and from the neighbours that need a bit of TLC - but I've now got something else on this w/e - will have to wait for the next class! I can see myself getting addicted!

  3. Oh how I wish I wasn't so far away. I would just LOVE to attend one of your classes!!
    Val's finished projects are just wonderful, hats off to her or turning out some gorgeous work!
    Hopefully I will get to a point soon where I am done with the grind of painting walls, and can get down to doing some 'prettyfying' stuff. Till then, I'll keep dropping in here to keep me inspired and champing at the bit to get to doing some altogether more rewarding bits. I love the finishing off, and dressing the rooms...its just the slog to get there that's killing me LOL!!

    Caz xxx

  4. Diane, I love the frames..
    Evie, next time...you know we'd love to see you. I've posted the next class in the shop, just need training now to update the website ourselves. It is really addictive
    Caz, where are you? I am sure there will be an Annie Sloan stockist near you. Val's bits and bobs are fab aren't they.
    Glad we've inspired :) Keep up the slog, it will be done eventually.