Thursday, 10 March 2011

What's Happenin'? Loads and Loads

I haven't been here for an age......I feel like the blog is almost human. I feel guilty if I neglect it, don't pay it attention but I have been working away from home and working hard on getting something long overdue live on the guessed it ...we have a NEW WEBSITE!!!!! check it out

I know some of you are saying "about bloomin time too!", how long have I been saying it was on its' way; how long have I been promising it was being worked on. Well, after a lot of hard work on the part of designer Evie Milo of Eskymo and her assistant Linda  we have a website we are really proud of. There are still a lot of tweaks to be done and I feel like I gave birth.....I have no idea how Evie does this for a living. Suffice to say she is very good at it.

We have a shop and while not everything is in there yet,  you can book classes and buy the Annie Sloan Paint...which as you all know is without doubt the best paint in the world. The waxes and varnishes should be on there this week. This is the paint that you can use over wax and varnish and melamine and other paint with no stripping and very little preparation.

Annie Sloan Paint

I am going to dash off this short post and bring you more news of our projects tonight and tomorrow....I have so much to tell you all.

Cait Whitson
Carte Blanche Decorative Painters


  1. I am familiar with that guilty feeling - maybe convince yourself that its more like a dog - and remind yourself 'a dog's a dog - not a person'. When you're not around (too busy taking care of other matters) then your blog will just sleep - until its master arrives back home and offers it attention!

  2. You're a seasoned pro though Patty...I'm still a new blog owner and want to spoil it and give it bloggy treats LOL. You have also mastered the art of a great short interesting post and so you have regular content but not too much for the reader to digest .... and I can't do that for toffee!!