Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Leibster Blog Award - We are LURVED

I was absolutely thrilled for sister-in-law Katie Whitson who's lovely blog Vintage Squirrel was awarded the Liebster Blog Award
I was even more thrilled when she in turn awarded it to our little a relatively new blogger this is just lovely....which is what leibster means...lovely, nice, darling and other words similarly endearing.

So what is it? The aim of the Liebster (Lovely) Blog Award is to bring recognition and exposure to small blogs who have less than 100 followers. There is some contention here as Katie's blog post says less than 100 followers and other blogs say less than 300. I am sticking with 100 as it made me really think about which blogs I had discovered recently and track down where I had stored the information...between iGoogle homepage, Google Reader, Blogger Reading List and My Favourites..and I think I am bringing you some FABULOUS new blogs

If you accept the award, you then agree to tag three to five other small blogs that you would like to recommend to others. 
And the rules?
1. Display the award on a post and link back to the giver of the award.
2. Choose my own blogs to give the award to and let them know they have been chosen.
3. Hope everyone discovers some new favourite blogs.
4. Revel in the blog love.

So, to keep paying the love forward, I will just
link again to Katie's blog Vintage Squirrel  (in case you missed it) and then introduce you to the following five blogs that I am nominating for the Liebster Blog Award:

Plum Siena   this blog written by Ann Onusko always brings fantastic eye candy and style. She has a real eye for texture and patina to tickle the sensibilities.  Ann writes a second blog that is equally fabulous Rose et Lis what can I say, I can't decide which is best so I nominate both simultaneously.....can she have this as one nomination and if she accepts she only has to come up with 3-5 nominations instead of 6-10?????? Not cheating honest as I will count it as 2.

Gary.C.Sharp   anyone who has even the smallest interest in antiques should read this well written, well researched, well illustrated blog. Gary only started his blog in February and deserves a massive following.

The Golden Touch Cat Goldie writes this fun, funky blog full of ideas that are achievable and stylish. Cat makes me laugh, she also makes me feel insecure cos she is a full time lawyer and still finds time to be creative and do majorly cool stuff in her home

CHICPAINT is the Punch and Sizzle blog. Elizabeth Richter VanHoutan who is the owner of Punch and Sizzle has been inspiring decorative painters from the first day she posted a picture of her work on Muralsplus Gallery where I came across her first. Her blog is generous with ideas and and learn.

I hope you enjoy

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  1. AHHHH, thank you so much Cait, I will have to get on this task! You are way yo generous in your comments. What an honor coming from you..
    Cat from golden touch...