Thursday, 28 April 2011

More Annie Sloan Magic

So it was time to play a bit......we are demonstrating at the Scottish Home Improvement Show in Ingliston Edinburgh this weekend and yup...we are demonstrating Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and why??? Only because it is the best paint IN the WORLD!!! If you want to come and see us get free entry here.

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So in readiness we have been painting a few things in our beloved paint including this little cabinet...isn't it sweet?

We found this little sweety a long time back on a trip out with our lovely friend Sue van Oldenborgh. She introduced us to Steptoes Yard just outside Montrose which is the most bizarre place piled high and I mean PILED HIGH, everywhere, inside and out with what looks like junk. First impressions aren't everything though hecause in there...there are a fair few gems. This wee cupboard came to us with a really nasty brown on it, chipped and a bit sad looking you could see that at one time it had been a very pretty soft blue green that I really loved so I grabbed the Provence and my waxes and got painting. It was never going to look brand new - too many times it had been painted poorly so I wanted to take advantage of the patina of the old paint, make the brown play to our advantage and. So I quite quickly and roughly popped a coat on leaving it a little patchy so that I could rub back and expose the brown. The brown was horrid in isolation but combined with the Provence looked quite yummy. A little bit of masking tape always helps to give a good crisp look to the interior.


A light sand to expose the brown and to make the surface nice and smooth. Then the wax - first clear and then rustic to give it a lovely bit of age and also to dirty up the new screws I had to put in the hinges.
Now Painted in Annie Sloan Provence
The same friend who we bought this with since that time has been training to become an upholsterer and her business has taken off with a bang! She lives in Haarlem just outside Amsterdam and is building up a storm of happy clients and so far hasn't had time to get a website going but is on LinkedIn under Sue van Oldenborgh  if any one out there is looking for a great furniture professional. She sent me pictures of her first Annie Sloan project combined with her fabulous upholstery skills and here are the results. First of all the before -
Sad Before

Happy Elegant French Style

ChiChic Close Up

Sue was for many years an extremely successful graphic designer at the high pressure end and she has a fantastic flair for style and design that she will bring to her new business. She left graphics to get a change of pace but I reckon that she will be so busy soon she won't be able to tell the difference....only this is her own business and that will be what will make it all 100% more satisfying. Let's hope Slapping on the Annie will help her expand her services a little!

So where do you buy it...from us of course! visit the website our online shop! Carte Blanche
This week our stock is low...we have had fantastic sales the past few weeks but we have a big order coming in next week  (delivery due 4th May)
Meantime our Edinburgh stockist has recently been stocked and is ready to supply!!!
The Laurel Gallery is our newist stockist. Based in St Stephen's Street in Stockbridge. A great gallery with a new twist - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Galore!

And our Aberdeenshire sockist Rustiques at Milton of Crathes are selling hand over fist so call before you go....just in case they are out of certain colours, we will be restocking them as soon as we get delivery! Check out their fabulous interiors shop near Crathes Castle ...their blog is fun and their website is coming soon.


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