Sunday, 31 July 2011

Welcome Home

It is lovely to be away especially in France but we did miss home - son James said he even missed rain. I thought I did till I saw what it was doing to our studio back home

Here is what my darling husband has been coping with in my absence.....a drenched studio, buckets everywhere and everything stuffed anywhere where it won't get wet. The studio situation that has been dire for so long and is now not tolerable.....time to find a new studio.

There have always been problems associated with our studio and some have got worse over the years
  • it has always been a bit leaky
  • it is shared with our landlords so we have to clear the floor once a month for them to have a meeting
  • we have mad neighbours - they believe they own the road (they don't) and don't want anyone parking outside; they have thrown out items left at our door by clients; they block up the fire door; they need to get a life
  • the access isn't brilliant especially if you can't park outside, we have to walk through said neighbours garden

So why have we stayed there for 10's cheap

Poor Gibson was deeply depressed by the whole thing, desperately trying to paint in these conditions and no news of the new roof - although planning permission has at last come through we have decided to move and hope to have exciting news soon.

So coming home from France felt a bit flat and I had to try and remind myself of why I love home. It wasn't hard. Firstly I adore the light...there is nothing quite like the Scottish light and at this time of year it is so soft and mellow and with the cloud and mists it is heartmelting

Late afternoon


Low cloud on Craig Rossie
One of my favourite things about this time of year is to see the tall pink spikes of Willow Herb - the prettiest weed ever. It blushes our drive and all down the edges of the fields with it's delicate pink blossoms that will turn to white cotton wool fluff seed formations soon

our drive

up close
And the food in France is wonderful, all the lovely markets, the fresh bread and lovely cheeses but we do some pretty amazing food here too. We often forget what wonderful raw materials we have to work with and here is a seasonal best...our own Scotch Lamb

this was fresh, light and fabulous with just some garden Rosemary and Granny's Redcurrant jelly to serve


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  1. Nothing quite like home- yours looks especially peaceful and picturesque!

    My previous studio was just like yours and we ending up losing quite a bit before we moved out. It is just heavenly not to worry about rain now. MOVE!

    I've never seen willow weed- hmmm....

    Oh- I came soo close to taking your class at Krista's studio. At the last minute, the hubbie's event cancelled, allowing him 2 weeks with nothing, so we will, instead, go on a trip. Pieter so deserves it and I just couldn't tell him that I wanted to take this class... (but I do!)

    Some day I shall meet you!

  2. Ann it is exactly that peaceful and picturesque. Given how MUCH it rains here ...we need to move, but there are lots of other good reason to move too and although it will be a huge stretch for us we can see a BIG positive ahead.

    I cannot lie, when Krista said you were joining us I whooped and I was equally downcast when she said you weren't. I hear you will be in Europe, have a wonderful time...I shall look forward to the blog posts and as you day.

  3. Only an artist could write this post. I love your descriptions and would love to visit you sometime! The light must be wonderful in the mornings...

  4. Theresa the light here honestly (and I will sound such a big GIRL saying this) makes you weep. There are a number of artists that work some of the time here and then go to the south of France and literally cannot decide which is better. It is the dusk light that I love best and most beautiful is in autumn. And the colours of the clouds OMG...I will need to do a post about that too..I just wish I was a better photographer

  5. Having just returned from Provence and loved all the colours of the area and felt I wanted to move there imm. I am glad to be home. However, going away always makes you see home in a different light and is always a good way of speeding up change and giving you the energy to do so, whether you have rested up on a holiday, and you know that with my family holiday and rest are an interesting combo; or whether it has been work that has taken you away, you just see it all so very differently . So may that move commence!