Monday, 15 August 2011

PaintyCait On Tour - Classes in USA

It's some time since I have visited the Good Old U.S. of A. and I am so excited about my rapidly approaching trip. Some will have seen my classes advertised on my website and on my hosts' websites; on Facebook and Twitter and for those that haven't take a peek at where and what I will be doing. First stop will be at Lynne Rutter's beautiful Studio for a 5 day Marbling and Graining Class in San Francisco.

Lynne's beautiful airy studio - a first time visit to San Francisco for me

This class will concentrate on traditional materials - linseed oil and beer and water glaze, making the glazes from scratch. The techniques are the much the same whatever the material but this is how I started - with old fashioned materials and all the alchemy that goes with it.

Next stop "THE Studio Destin"
and Florida is a first for me too

THE Studio Destin is owned and run by two seasoned faux finishers and teaching professionals - Krista Vind and Cindy Everett of Ufauxrea.

The Showroom and entry to the classroom at Studio Destin
THE Studio's Lounge

 THE Studio has a website but lots of information on the company's Facebook page where my two 2 day classes are listed - the Marbling Class and the Wood-graining Class
This class will concentrate on off-the shelf glazes and mediums from a number of manufacturers, they will all be water based and we will look at building layers quickly and efficiently to maximise profit in a way that was previously easier to do with oil finishes.

So what kind of things will I teach - I have done a little collage of  some of the samples done completely in water based

water based marbles and woods

and here I am teaching in Mississippi some years back teaching the White Veined Marble - this is a Calacatta

teaching at the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing

and here I am teaching in traditional oil based materials in Maine

Burr Walnut in Maine
and a pop-up class in Pittsburgh organised by my wonderful friend Elaine Castronovo of Creative Lane

Crotch Mahogany and Satinwood in both oil and water

and what do my students say?
Well have a look at my website and you will see

Come and join us - there are I think 2 spots left at each venue


  1. Bon Voyage Cait. I am sure Lynne, Krista, Cindy and their students will make you most welcome. I was in SF a couple of years back teaching at the IDAL convention...there was an earthquake one night but I thought it was a train (six floors up???) so went back to sleep. I hope that it all goes wonderfully for you and your students.

  2. Thanks so much Helen and thanks too for stopping by our blog ....
    I am really looking forward to being there...not looking forward to the journey though. It will be great fun when we get there.