Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A 7 YR Old Can Do This & So Can You- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Let me introduce you to my niece Mathilda (known as Tildy to family).

Mathilda is 7 years old and as can be seen absolutely gorgeous (especially in her Carte Blanche apron) and of course is a genius because she is related to me but Mathilda has never painted furniture before. Last week she came with her family for lunch at the studio and while her Mum and brother, who are both fashionistas, headed off to nearby TK Maxx in search of jeans she decided to stay with me and her Dad and she said to me she would like to paint something. Well....I was busy washing up and chatting to her Dad and since I had already started this chair I literally just handed her a brush and the pot of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (Aubusson) in faith that really....nothing can go wrong.
She was struggling a little with the spindles on the back and I gave her a wee hint on how to do those (I explained that it is easiest to slap the paint brush  flat against them and then just gently brush the paint down the spindle)...then went back to chatting.....she needed a little guidance on the seat on how to just finish off the  paint, she had covered the seat but it was "lumpy" so I just showed her how to gently use the tips of the bristles to just lay off all the paint.
Now before I knew it she was telling me where I had missed on the legs and she was "touching up"....Thank goodness for Mathilda because I had missed quite a lot.

When Tildy had gone I expected to have to tidy up a bit....but do you know, a little sand and a wax and the result was fabulous.
How lovely is this chair

and chairs are hard...even for pros

The thing about Annie Sloan Paint is that even if it isn't perfect, it gives character

and here we are playing with Annie Sloan Fabrics

Now, if 7 year old Mathilda (who is gorgeous and a genius ....but still only 7) can do this......SO CAN YOU!

If you would like to see just how gorgeous this chair looks in real life then why not drop into the studio for our open day on Sunday 8th January  12-4pm for a glass of Proseco and a little smoked salmon......and a demonstration of the paint from a grown up.....but will I live up to Mathilda's prescedent??


  1. Are you challenging my painting skills??? LOL! Would love to pop in and surprise you on Sunday.....too many miles between us though. Enjoy the studio open day!

  2. What a great job she did!
    Child labour huh? Newt would be proud of you!

  3. Theresa we should just all look to our laurels cos this little lady will have us running!!! Honestly she picked up everything so fast. She was every bit as good as my 16 year old son the first time he tried the paint. Actually I have to tell you...he LOVES the paint and his painting skills have so been honed using it. It is a very easy paint to teach with, he has learned to look for "fat edges" and "misses" and is very exacting about his work.
    I wish you could come visit Theresa...one day, one of the countries

    Lesley, she didn't even get PAID!!! She has at least gained fame from her efforts and well deserved. I better start getting my wallet out from now on.

  4. How cool is that? A budding assistant in the making- lucky you! I wish anyone in my ginormous family would have a bit of interest in painting!

  5. very cool to be painting something age 7. get em young Cait! Great pics. happy new year

  6. I reckon most 7 year olds could do this with Annie Sloan paint don't you think Andy? She just needed a wee bit of help and she was off. I love how it is instant satisfaction! Happy New Year to you too!

    Anne I have a very creative family, both her parents are artistic and so she has no fear of jumping in. I am lucky as I get lots of support from all around me.

  7. go tildy! so sad i missed seeing you, but i did sit on that chair, and i can vouch for your skills! x