Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Ultimate Furniture Painting Class

Do you make some or all of your living from painting furniture or has it become an important part of your life? Do you feel like you would like to learn more and achieve more exciting professional finishes, then the Ultimate Furniture Painting Class is for you. The next class runs 19th - 22nd May 2014. Anyone who is in the business of upcycling, repurposing and furniture restoration cannot fail to benefit immediately from this class. Taught by Cait Whitson and Gibson Donaldson, they bring their combined experience of over 40 years working in the field. Cait has been teaching decorative finishes for 25 years.

See more details on our website here and book in the shop here and there is a great discount if you pay in full before April 22nd of 10% off. Opt for full payment and use the code UFP10 at the checkout. 
Exciting gilding finishes

Furniture painting has become a huge trend and it has brought so many new faces into the decorative painting business that I have loved all my adult life, it is wonderful to have so many converted to the painting faith.

a student's cabinet elegantly finished in eggshell,  and gilded and stencilled
But what differentiates the professional from the amateur? These days I often compare painting to photography - everyone's a photographer since digital took the world by storm (well except me I have NEVER been a good photographer) and everyone's a painter, the DIY stores are filled with people ready to give it a go ......yet the message boards and blogs are full of queries about how to resolve things that haven't gone as expected.
Painting things can be easy if you stick to a small range of techniques and finishes but what happens when you want to branch out? It's not rocket science granted, but a little knowledge can make a big difference to how a project turns out and can make a piece look a million dollars

not rocket science - hand painted bee eaters
They say knowledge is power and this is very true in the painting game. If you only know a little bit you will only be able to achieve a little bit. Very simple tips and tricks can make the difference, building a really sound foundation of confidence is based on knowledge and technique. Many people say to me "but I am not artistic"; then we show them a few tricks of the trade and they realise that they are....and that they can achieve a lot more than basic paint finishes This class can fast track you to a new level.

students who have never hand painted a design before
free hand carriage lines and hand painting

learning to use professional tools for success

Working with a range of different types of paints and achieving a professional finish can be challenging if you don't have breadth of experience and although you read books and blogs and watch programmes on TV, when it says to "sand" how much sanding does that mean....with which sandpaper? When it says to apply 2 coats what brush to use?

So this is what we teach in the Ultimate Painting Class - we discuss primers and sandpaper and different types of paint and the names for paint. We show you fillers and brushes; how to hold a brush and how to get a brush-mark free finish. We let you play with resists, additives and glazes and we teach techniques from traditional to trendy. There are a whole raft of metallic finishes; stencilling with a twist - enhanced and embossed; freehand carriage lines and decoration; ragging dragging, stippling, linen, moire; gilding, patinating embossing;graining and marbling and finally topcoats.

embossing, foil gilding and glazing

student sample of ragging and moire
Each student brings a piece of furniture and completes an "apprentice piece". If you are a student flying in from afar we source a piece for you to work on.

the big reveal on the finish
glazed and completed with studio dog Rosie's help

a truly authentic looking finish

dragged, bamboo and linen finishes

marvellous marbling

The Ultimate Painting Class is 4 days for 4 students to immerse themselves in paint.

Treat yourself to total immersion here and remember to add your special code UFP10 for a great discount on payment in full


  1. Is it possible to use chalk paint for oiled wood?