Thursday, 20 January 2011

Slapping on the Annie

For nearly 2 years we have been working with, teaching classes in and selling Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It says on the tin – the best paint in the world” and we can verify IT IS!!!!!

So what makes it so good? First of all it is the easiest paint to use in the world – no preparation required...let me say that again NO PREPARATION REQUIRED!!!! No stripping or heavy sanding, no chemicals, dust, no primer; this paint will go over wax (yes it will...amazing),  it will go over varnish, old paint, concrete, metal, it will go inside, outside! This means that painting projects are far more fun and achievable than with conventional paint, and even complete beginners can pick up a brush and get great results. It is also based on natural materials, non-toxic, virtually odourless, water based and it comes in a wonderful range of colours formulated by world renowned interior designer and writer Annie Sloan.
One of the things that we love about our paint is that so many of our students and customers send us wonderful pictures of their projects. Many of them get completely hooked on the  paint and nothing in their home is is doesn't move it gets [painted.

George is a customer from Aberdeenshire who has a home in Portugal. He is one of a number of customers who buy paint from us specifically to take it out to Portugal. George had a lot of furniture in his holiday home that he wanted to unify and make look like it was all meant to live together. Like many second homes it had been furnished with items that were no longer needed at home or had been inherited. We were thrilled to get this wonderful card from him by email showing us what he had been doing and even more thrilled to see the results of his painting.

The email came just as our world became encased in snow, so  this picture of George painting in the sun made us so jealous

refurbishing rattan

display cabinet

Display Cabinet Detail

George tells us the beams are next!

Clever crafter and sister-in-law Katie Whitson aka The Vintage Squirrel posted her first projects some time back and very recently her latest  GORGEOUS projects on her blog. Katie has a fabulous, regularly updated blog, worth following
She has coined a new phrase that we all love (including Annie) "I slapped on the Annie"...way to go!!! We intend slapping on the Annie a lot.  Here is a detail of some shelves she painted and decoupaged...

painted and decoupaged
and this fabulous chair...

both have recycled wrapping paper for the decoupage, the shelves have Cath Kidston tissue on them that I gave Kate I think last Christmas and the decoupage bird on the chair is from a sheet of gorgeous Cavallini wrapping paper...waste not want not!
Read more in her two painty posts and learn about her methods; paint, wax and here stencils too all bought from Carte Blanche

We will bring you more inspiration as it comes, and why not give the paint a try A litre is normally £16.95 and is enough to paint a small dresser. Carte Blanche are offering the paint for £15.95 per litre for January, February and March.
Call 01764 684324 or 07771663015  or email for more information, colour charts and details of upcoming classes.


  1. lovely new blog my friend - George is rockin it!

  2. Finally got there Patty with a little help from Evie, our lovely web designer. And yes George ROCKS!!!
    Haven't visited your blog for ages; actually haven't visited anyones for an age, but chaos is not reigning here any more now the snow is away so I will get back to my usual viewing over breakfast.

  3. Thanks Cait - you are a star sis-in-law. You kept this blog a bit quiet though!

  4. I talked about doing it for's only the wonderful Evie at Eskymo who has galvanised me. Need to get in the groove now and make sure I blog as regularly and as well as you and Patty