Sunday, 13 March 2011


I thought I'd bring some news of latest projects. As you know I was off in Aberdeenshire transforming 2 rooms. I spent about 10 days up there with Gibson coming up at the weekends. Gosh it was quite hard work. I was staying with my parents who live in the Courtyard House of The Burn near Edzell.

The Courtyard House
The Burn House

Mum and Dad were wonderful at letting me a just be .....I had so much on my plate I just worked and worked. I was getting up nice and early to work on things for the website. Lots of pricing work to be done too as we've had a record month for enquiries and then about 8.30 I was heading up to Aberdeen.

Some months back we were contacted by this client in Aberdeen to give their main reception rooms a facelift. They had already had a paint effect but it was fairly dated having been done about 10 years ago. They had seen a fabulous finish that they liked in a friend's house in Portugal and had asked the friend what it was and had been told they weren't sure but it was Italian and expensive.
So began their search and after some heavy Googling had come up with Oikos Ottocento which is a product that we are trained to apply, working with the importers/distributors Leslie and Dave at Bluebell .
The client initially sent us images and sizes so we could give them an outline cost - here is the "before"

Sitting Room

The client was happy with the initial costs so we arranged a site meeting to choose colours. As well as applying the Ottocento to 2 feature walls they asked us to redecorate the whole space so I did my usual colour consultancy and produced a scheme.

Colour Scheme
Ottocento is a suede-like metallic finish apply with a trowel and is very pretty, we custom mixed a colour to suit the scheme. I combined it with Paint and Paper Library's Suede II in Flat Acrylic for the walls, Farrow and Ball's Pointing in Estate Emulsion and Farrow and Ball's Smoked Trout in Estate Eggshell for the woodwork. I thought that it would be rather nice to swap in a dark trim colour since the skirtings were only narrow, this would tie the feature walls in with the rest of the room

Clients seemed thrilled with the idea but you never rest till the work is complete. They were thrilled and because of that so are we. Here are some pics of the new look. I am hoping the client will send me some pictures of the rooms finished with all the furniture back in place

Looking into the Sitting Room
Looking down the wall at the texture
So what else is happening? Lots of straight forward painting and decorating being done alongside our fancy stuff and one of our favourite customers required repairs to a wall...a lovely allover stencilled wall that had been damaged by a was the first room in Scotland that we applied an American metallic plaster finish to called Lustre Stone...and used a wonderful all over stencil from Wallovers
We stripped relined the wall stencilled with two colours of very pretty metallics and then glazed over the can't tell it was ever damaged.
Pretty allover stencil, grained skirtings and metallic red plaster finish

I was in working at another long term client who we've done lots of fun projects for The Bathroom Company in Perth. They have just jooshed up their website to match their stunning showroom. The showroom is in the running for 2 national awards
The Bathroom Company is delighted to be the only Scottish bathroom showroom to be a finalist in the KBB2011 Industry Awards. Even more exciting they’re the only company in the UK to be shortlisted for both these awards.
  • Master Retailer Award for Bathrooms - Looking for the best all-round bathroom retailer
  • Showroom Award for Bathrooms - Providing the perfect showroom setting for bathroom sales
We are proud to have been able to help them add a few finishing touches to their showroom. This week I was adding a stencilled metallic foil design to the bath in this lovely set
Just finished bath design
We've already done this one time already....but it sold straight off the showroom floor.

Final project we are tackling just now is an exterior mural and I will bring you the concepts for this in my next post

Cait Whitson
Carte Blanche Decorative Painters


  1. What a gorgeous house to work on. Love what you've done so far and I adore that bath!

  2. Loving the bath!!!! The foil looks absolutely fantastic with the green!

  3. yep ... you be busy. Very lovely work

  4. Love the design on the bath, very sumptuous to go with the wonderful bath!

  5. lovely post, good to hear what you are up to and get a photo with it too. As you can guess, I just love the bath

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments...this is only a fraction of what me and my hubby have been busy with but this is some of the prettier stuff. Love that Ottocento and the bath is a darling. SUCH a nice display. Fiona who is one of the designers at the bathroom company helped me compose the design first time round and she did it brilliantly. They sold the design concept very quickly and so we did a similar one on-site quite soon after we first did the showroom and then at Christmas time they sold the showroom bath right off the floor because the buyer wanted it really this is actually the 3rd time we've done it.
    I have just realised that the picture of the Wallover's stencil isn't there...I will go back and pop it in...oops, not sure what happened there

  7. What a pretty tub! How nice , being able to stay with your parents to make the commute easier.

  8. It was bliss Patty, I ate FAAAAr too much though and the diet went for a burton...I still have to steel myself yo get back on the band wagon and lent should be the perfect time but I failed big time :)
    I have decided to postpone Lent a bit...and get my act together

  9. love the bath Cait and red lustre effect is luscious!