Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Great UK Paint Giveaway - Annie Sloan Paint Prize Draw

The American Annie Sloan stockists have been giving paint away in prize draws all last month and I thought it was pretty sad that no-one was giving out paint in the UK. To celebrated our new studio open day we decided we would have a prize draw. Here is the prize ....
Worth £72.79
Two litres of Chalk Paint in colours of your choice, 2 sample pots in colours of your choice, 2 waxes, a dark and a clear and Annie's lovely book "Creating the French Look".

So how do you get your name in the hat?? You can actually get your name in the hat loads of times over. For each of these things that you do you get your name in the hat once
  1. Follow this blog ....how do you do that? Look to the right hand side and scroll down until you see the "Blog Followers" title and click the "join this site" button.
  2. "Like" our Facebook Page
  3. Follow me on Twitter - @paintycait
  4. Sign up for our newsletter -click here
  5. Forward that newsletter when you get it by clicking the "forward email" link (usually at the bottom of the newsletter)
  6. Finally come to our Open House on Sunday 8th of January between 12pm and 4pm and this is when we will make the draw at 4pm ....Unit 7, 14 Dunkeld Road, Perth PH1 5RW
 So you don't have long but you do have lots of opportunities and you could get your name in the hat 6 times improving your chances of winning this cracking prize. This is open to anyone in the UK and includes shipping to all UK Mainland areas.
So get clicking!!!, joining liking and then painting......


  1. I'm already following the blog, signed up for your newsletters ages ago, liked your facebook page too. Just found you on twitter and I'm now stalking you on there... just trying to think who I can forward your newsletter onto... can't make it on the 8th - so 5 out of 6 ain't bad!

  2. I shared your facebook link on my status and page - does that give me an extra 2 go's???

  3. Hi Cait, Happy New Year , I hope that all goes brilliantly on Sunday.

  4. Evie, since you have over 1000 likes on your page - the publicity is much appreciated and gives at least an extra go.
    I tried to make it so everyone had at least one way they could enter...
    Thanks Helen, the whole place was so badly painted and badly insulated that we had to spend an awful lot of time doing stuff that no-one will ever see....and so not everywhere is going to be complete by any means but every day we do something to make it prettier and nicer. Sunday is just fun...a glass of bubbly and a nibble and a chance to demo and chat

  5. I'd love to come on Sunday - it's be great to see your new place and find out more about Annie Sloan Paint etc - tied to my own DIY ball and chain though - got so much to do before the wee one arrives... oh I meant to ask you where to get those special rollers you mentioned for folk with dodgy arms/wrist - I looked in B&Q and couldn't find anything but the bog standard fair...

  6. I really hope you'll come another time Evie, you've had a big hand in how we are now operating, you should definitely come see (Evie is our very talented web site designer)
    The rollers are not a B&Q thang...and while I am here - stay away from B&Q for paint and visit your local trade supplier. You will get a far better finish. The rollers are actually only stocked in a few places and here is one https://www.easupplies.com/WOOSTER-RR323-Mini-Roller-Frame-p/pa11i8.htm, the roller changes angles

  7. Super duper - thanks for the link - will order today as I'm steadily clearing all the crap out of my studio this week in the hope of painting it next week so I can start moving back in - working in the spare bedroom is really getting me down and is so uninspiring!

  8. sorry to bother you again - what roller covers do I get with this as none of the 'related' products are the sizes specified which is odd.

    1. any of the 4&1/2" x 3/8" or 6&1/2 x 3/8 roller heads made Wooster....they have loads on that site.