Monday, 30 January 2012

How to Use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I have been meaning to do a stage by stage; step by step Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because while I talk about it a fair bit in my blog .... have I shown you how to use it? No I haven't. Have I even explained to you why it is probably the best paint in the world? Nope....I don't think I ever did. Have I introduced you to the inventor of the paint? How remiss.....let's start there. Meet Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan is an interior designer, artist, writer and renowned decorative expert on world painting based in Oxford. You can read a lot more about her own her own blog here

And what is so special about the paint? 

Virtually NOOOOO Prep!

Truly you can just paint straight over varnish, wax, French polish, old paint and virtually any other surface you might find on old or new furniture. No Sanding? No Priming? No Fuss? Just Fun? Yes...all that is true

Obviously there are sensible things you need to do. It's best if it is clean, dust free and that the surface is sound that you will be working on - get rid of loose and flaky. Then I have a really cool person here to demonstrate the technique - Yup it's Annie herself .....


I know what you are can't be that easy, she's the person who invented the stuff....there must a secret. So if you don't believe me watch these guys......I don't know what it is about this video but I have decided these guys MUST be nice....they just look lovely and you definitely want to give them a hug by the time they finish.

So that's um....let me see.....oh yes.....paint ......then wax. Simples!

Happy Painting! Don't forget to buy your paint from us, we have paint, wax books all available - the link to our online shop is on the right hand side just click through or follow this link!!!
Thanks for making these videos peeps, you saved me a LOT of writing and picture taking and your videos are WONDERFUL!


  1. Does any one know how to make Annie Sloan chalk pain more durable in my kitchen I believe you can varnish but with just the wax it seems to damage easily? Thanks

  2. Gill where are you based? Difficult to recommend products without knowing where you live.
    My personal opinion is actually that it is not a paint that is ideal for kitchens.....I have talked about the Annie Sloan recommendations and these do make the surface longer - that is to apply 3 coats of wax and we have had good luck in some areas with the darker colours in our studio. I wouldn't use it in my own kitchen because I use a lot of olive oil ....lots and lots.....and oil penetrates the wax even after 3 coats and I don't want regular maintenance.
    You *can* use a lacquer/varnish but not all varnishes work. If you have already waxed the surface you cannot put a varnish or lacquer over the needs to be removed or the units need to be recoated

  3. Hi Cait,
    I was wondering if you’d be able to give me some guidance on something. I’ve painted a shelf unit with AS Pure – but it was new wood and I didn’t realise I needed to treat the knots first. They’ve now come through the paintwork and look really green. Would you recommend sanding back the affected areas, treating with knotting solution then repainting? [I’m UK based, and I’ve seen Colron knotting solution]. Fortunately I hadn’t got round to applying any wax yet...
    Thank you!