Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fasque Fancy

Fasque House is where I've been hiding....well one of the places, it has been such a very busy time, we really have been dotting about all over but Fasque is where we have been doing lots of fancy stuff.

The Grand Approach to the House

This was the prime minister Gladstone's home, and the surrounding estate is fabulous. The house has been given a major makeover and is now a prestigious wedding and conference venue. While they have developed and restored a lot of the house, Heather and Doug Dick-Reid continue to open up and restore more of the house and the area pictured below hasn't been opened up for well over 50 years. This used to be the men's servants quarters and while it doesn't have the grandeur of some of the high rooms and victorian saloons and apartments it has great character and Heather and Doug wanted something really fabulous to make this space somewhere any guest would be more than delighted to stay in. Here is how I first saw the space


Heather has a great eye and is fantastically decisive (any finisher is appreciative of a swift and firm decision). She was really drawn by the new designer Italian Paint Finish Valpaint range that are exclusive in Scotland to Carte Blanche and Klondike Wall Effect was the perfect choice - it shimmers gold as the light hits it but as you move along the hallway it has a pattern and a colour and gives the space amazing atmosphere. Over and above that it is repairable, has no seams and can be easily painted out should there be significant damage by a drunken reveller.
Sample choosing for woodwork

the ceiling in Ottocento metallic suede finish - you can see the pattern and colour here

the splash of gold

dressed and ready for visitors
Just perfect
I think these are the chic-est servants quarters I ever saw....definitely not for the lower ranks. This is the very first Valpaint project in Scotland. If you would like to view the range why not pop into the studio to look at samples and catalogues

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  1. What a beautiful transformation -- I love the sample she picked. (And yes, quick and firm decisions, you are so right: love those!) What an incredible venue. I do wish I could pop right on over to the studio... :)