Monday, 24 September 2012

Copper Bottomed? NO Copper Topped!

Metallics are the new most fashionable finish and they are a lot of fun. Probably the colour we have used least of so far is copper in metal leaf and I have no idea why....maybe just no-one had asked for it. Recently we found ourselves using buckets of copper and what a wonderful finish it is!! My favourite is this copper dome in one of Fasque's bathrooms

Copper dome
broken copper over hot pink
And what was it made us think to even offer this look? Well next door is the most fabulous restored copper bottom bathtub.

J. Bolding and Sons Bath beautifully restored

Tony O’Donnell, managing director of Kent based bath specialists Catchpole and Rye, was stunned when he was asked to restore a 19th Century copper bath from the A-listed Fasque House near Fettercairn, where four-time prime minister William Gladstone lived.
The bath was custom made by John Bolding & Sons Ltd. in London and even in the late 1800s would have been particularly rare.

Matching mantel
 Here's a mantel we matched in broken copper again but a tighter finish than the dome....easier to show you a close up

Close Up
A great fun finish that links the with the traditional.

You can read more about the work done on the bath here


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  2. Thanks Jeny and a big hello from one Perth to another Perth :)

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