Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Those that have been following the blog know that every now and again I create a post called "If I post it here I will HAVE to do it" to try and get me to focus on a particular project. The last time I did this was with a mural - the mural was fraught with problems...every time I got to the point of being able to start it or progress it something got in the way.

 Here is the post "If I post it here I will HAVE to do it"

Finally....finally finally we are done and installed...

This is how you first see it

Closing in
Square on
Before it left the studio
So what slowed me down. First the medium I decided to use was very difficult to work with. The Golden Gac 200 I used in order to make the mural very hard-wearing, it made the paint very slimy and it took me a full week to get my head round it once I was used to it it was fine but I still feel it makes the paint very clumsy to work with and I wouldn't use it out of choice. The problems I mentioned in my last post with the studio leaking caused as many of the problems as anything...days when nothing would dry so I could only work up one area at a time. Another thing I have found is that as I get older is that I need peace to be able to concentrate; so if the studio is a hive of activity with kitchens being painted and the phone ringing off the hook I find it really difficult to focus. This meant that I needed to fit it in at evenings and weekends otherwise I was making mistakes that had to be done over.

Big thanks goes to my wonderful e-friend Pat Strong. Pat who lives in Texas and I met on a faux painting message forum about 10 years ago and we have conversed on-line for all this time. She is a brilliant artist and a really very good friend to have....she literally nursed me through the last stages of this when I had a fillet of fish instead of a hand....and a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth was going on and she saved my sanity. Thank you day we will meet.


  1. I love it Caity! you worked so hard on this, you deserve a case of wine! xoxoxox

  2. Thanks both ... I was grateful for all the encouragement along the way from y'alllll. I learned a WHOLE load doing it too.
    I have to say I was glad to see it installed.

  3. Yeah, Cait!!!
    I am so excited to see it and envious of your clients.

    How did you attach it? What is the medium- wood? I must have missed it somewhere along the way.

    Time to celebrate!

  4. Fantastic Cait !!!!!
    Anne x

  5. Thanks Annes :)
    Anne O - I realised that the link I created to my previous post wasn't I have now made it live and you can go back and view the original post and see the substrate. It was a wooden support and we got a carpenter to create some supports at the back to level the surface and then just screwed it into place. The client asked that it be removable so I just painted the screwheads and left it like that so they can remove it in winter

  6. looks great ! wow what a great idea....bravo Cait
    can't wait to read about the process
    Encore bravo !!

  7. Wow, that's brilliant! I bet the client was delighted.